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This is without a doubt the worst house Norman ever designed - think Tony Montana in The Hamptons. There were some bad ones, of course; Alda, Greenfield and Florin, to name just a few. Nobody hits a home run every time, and it is impossible to do so with a bad client. While competition for this distinction is fierce, Roslin managed to edge out the rest of the field.

Norman only took the project because of Black Monday, and he was desperately trying to keep his small staff employed. Thus the necessity of designing a palace for an underwear manufacturer. In the end Roslin stiffed Norman for a large portion of the fee, then wound up in a nasty divorce and had to sell the property.

In 2009 I received an inquiry about designing a new house for a guy who struck out on three counts: a mortgage broker who had just bought a skinny little oceanfront lot for a vast fortune and - worst of all - he had rented the Roslin house for the summer and loved it.