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Allen, baby Norman with Unlce Sid, Mary, Harold
Allen and Norman with Harold
age 17
Korea, 1952
assigned to an air force base in Japan
Allen, Harold and Norman, December 1956
student hawking art work
with Barbara at the Palace of Fine Arts
Norman and Barbara with his parents
the architect
wit Miles, age 2, 1960
Miles' birthday in NY after Barbara's death
the lovely Dolores Raye
Village Greens publicity photo
passport photo, 1969
sketch for (and of) Jacqui Brandwynne
Italian style
with Miles at RISD graduation 1980
Norman, Peer Pong, Tony G. (rear), Keith Boyce, Miles, Don Robertson. Graphite the office cat is in the foreground.
telemark skiing
last photo, early summer 1993